Rum Barrel


A gift with taste.

Dimensions: H:26cm W:24cm D:24cm

Whether for a private celebration, wedding or a corporate event, enchant your guests with a barrel of rum with Phoenix Caribbean RUM.  Before use, the barrel must be filled with lukewarm water for at least 24 hours – swelling process for complete sealing. You will receive the barrel ready for use, even the brass tap is already mounted upon delivery. You will receive the rum of your choice (5 litres or 2.5 litres) separately in a glass bottle. The taste of our rum can change with longer storage in the barrel. We therefore recommend that you only fill the quantities into the barrel as required and that you do not leave the rum in the barrel for longer than 14 days.


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Carribean 12, Carribean Dream 23


2.5L, 5L